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GWD’s MSAP products were selected for building the CDMA base station access on the bidding held by Shanghai Telecom at September. GWD takes possession of the most shares as the number one. Other companies took part in the bidding including Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent,etc.

Shanghai Telecom and Designing Institute is in further research and comparisons for Telecom C network service development, access requirement and its solution of station transferring to face the new station, together with integrated service development, network project running and cost etc. Finally, it takes independent ADM equipment for most stations and ring access for the rest stations.

GWD engages in professional optical access in edge networks. MSAP is a multi-service access platform which is designed by GWD for KA and base station. It not only has the total SDH/MSTP technologies and ability, but also meets the edge access demand. Compared with other big ADM producers, it shows much more distinct advantages,including high QoS, little interrelation, many embranchments and types, small capacity, plug and play, fast installation, easy maintenance and sensitive cost. With kA access application of scale, it was fully endorsed by the customers.

China Telecom is going to implement C network under high pressure of the C network capacity expanding. Meanwhile, it is really challenge to provide fast and reasonable network covering on the basis of good condition of network. New construction method of shanghai telecom is worth for other carriers to learn about.