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With the development of the information age, many businesses in the city rely on cloud computing and cloud storage. However, the data center faces many risks, such as hardware damage, power failure, fire, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc. So a city disaster backup & recovery center is essential to data centers. Many fiber resources are required for the fiber connections between the data center and the disaster backup & recovery center.

        ♢    A large amount of fiber cables are required for the high speed data backup and recovery between data center and disaster backup and recovery center;

        ♢    Laying new fiber cables needs a long time and high cost, not the best efficient solution for fiber resource requirement;

        ♢    Link protection is required for the data transmission between data center and disaster backup and recovery center.

This solution will describe how to provide high-speed data backup/recovery and link protection through the fiber capacity expansion.



Different from other network connections, city disaster recovery center is responsible for the data safety of many key departments, so it allow no error. In addition to maximizing the utilization of optical fiber, the fiber capacity expansion solution for city disaster recovery system should fulfill the following requirements:

        ♢    Low latency for real-time data backup & recovery;

        ♢    Link protection for reliable transmission;

        ♢    Full backups and connections for all key devices ;

        ♢    Convenient maintenance for short fault recovery

        ♢    Data backup and disaster recovery system require high reliability of the transmission lines. OTP5500 active WDM platforms is qualified for the system.

        ♢    OTP5500 active WDM platforms are deployed in both data center and disaster recovery center to multiplex all the fiber links into 1 or 2 fibers for transparent and isolated transmission;

        ♢    OLP card for trunk link protection, to ensure the reliability of the transmission paths.



◇  Convenient

        ♢    Fast deployment with easy configuration;

        ♢    No change of the original devices and topology;

        ♢    Downward compatible 10Gbps speed per channel

◇  Reliable

        ♢    1+1 or 1:1 protection for trunk fiber link

        ♢    Active optical device is manageable, optical link status is monitored

        ♢    Transparent data transmission with low latency and safety

◇  Saving

        ♢    Low cost, strong expansibility;

        ♢    2~4 fibers for the data backup & disaster recovery system


Product List




Active WDM platform, 19” 1U/2U/5U chassis, CWDM MUX, OADM, OEO  and OLP cards, outdoor type is optional

CWDM Optical Transceiver

Wavelength range 1271nm~1611nm, 155M/622M/1.25G/2.5G/10G optional, up to 120km transmission distance