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 National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC) had announced that 46 projects should adopt new generation Wide Band and network service industrialization special projects on Nov 21st, 2008. All these technologies aim to meet the future technologies research and development in 2020. GWD Technologies Co., Ltd enjoys a project optical access system industrialization based on self-core chip. Other companies had the assistance including Huawei, ZTE, FiberHome Telecom,and Lenovo, etc.

Our company declared to the Development and Reform Commission for 2008 the new generation Wide Band and network service industrialization projects in February, 2008. After Development and Reform Commission of Haidian District, Municipal Development and Reform Commission (Beijing) and NDRC sifted through this project, it obtained approval finally. These announcements of 46 projects deal with special important support crucial network equipment, network service crucial device and chip, Wide Band and network application three areas which covered a wide range.

Last June, State Council had a introduction of relevant policies on implement a national medium- to long-range program for scientific and technological development (2006 to 2020). The new generation Wide Band wireless communication is one of the most 16 important special projects. National Development and Reform Commission said that the special projects follow "perfect project, coming into force" principle and organize further comprehensive and in-depth technical study. According to the needs of national development and the maturity of implement condition, authorized by State Council and obtained the special funds reasonably, the project going into carry out.