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EasyPath GT52X (MDU) is a 10GEPON ONU (Optical Network Unit) for broadband service. It provides 24 GE interfaces in a mini-type compact case. GT52X is highly integrated and supports layer-2 switch and high-performance multicast service. It’s easy for installation and maintenance. POE feature makes it easy to be installed in corridors or outdoors. It is available for resident and business users in FTTB/ FTTP application scenarios.




EasyPath GT52X (MDU) can be used with the central office OLT product of EasyPath GFA8000 series .It connects to OLT through the ODN (Optical Distribution Network) which is composed of fibers and POS (Passive Optical Splitter). GT52X (MDU) can be deployed in corridors to provide broadband access for residential or enterprise users.

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MINI 10GEPON ONU, 12VDC power supply (external AC220V to DC12V adaptor), 24*GE interfaces, PR30 (symmetric) or PRX30 (asymmetric), corridor type


MINI 10GEPON ONU, POE power supply, 24*GE interfaces, PR30 (symmetric) or PRX30 (asymmetric), corridor type