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With the development of communications technology and services, video, voice, broadband, OTT, and other services and applications become increasingly rich, and broadband operators are also face increasingly market competition. On the one hand, the domestic broadband operators need to promote the plan of optical substitute copper, adopt new technology and new programs to enhance the access bandwidth for new communities; on the other hand, the company is focused on speeding and enlarging the bandwidth of residents.

Under the impetus of "broadband China" strategy, more and more operators launch Fast or Gigabit super-bandwidth, and Megabit development needs EPON ONU terminals providing GE port speed. For that reason, GWD manufactures GT810G, a kind of SFU equipment used in EPON FTTH, to provide the highest gigabit bandwidth access capabilities that easy of operators to carry HD, 4K of OTT video services, meeting the video teaching, home security, and smart home business. At present, GT810G is widely used in CPN, radio and television broadband operators, equipment Mini compact, because they are easy to install FTTH households.