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EasyPath GT87x is an industrial ONU equipment with multi-service access .It can provide multi FE interfaces and serial interfaces according to the demands of the pratical applications.It has compact structure and high integration, and Layer-2 switch function is also embedded.GT87x can be used in electrical industry for various scenes, including the distribution network automation and electric energy data acquisition. It’s the first industrial EPON equipment in the electrical industry, complying with IEC61850-3, IEEE1613 related standards. It’s immune to EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) with a performance superior to industrial 4-grade and realiable in harsh electro magnetic interference environment to meet the requirements for realiable services and flexible network configuration.




                                         GT871                   GT872                     GT873                 


Technical specifications

PON optical interface

Standard:IEEE 802.3ah 1000BASE-PX20+-U

Interface number:1/2(optional)

Average launch power:0dBm~+4dBm    

Interface type:SC/PC


Receiver sensitivity:≤-27dBm

Saturation receiver power:≥-3dBm

Ethernet electric interface

Standard:IEEE802.3 series

Interface number:4           

Interface type:RJ45

Data rate:10/100M auto-sensing


Working mode:full/half duplex,auto-sensing       

PON optical interface protection

Working mode:support optical port backup protection

Protection switching time:<20ms

RS232 serial Interface(optional)

Interface number:2/4

Electric level:RS232

Operation mode:TCP/IP、client、UDP broadcast

Data rate:300bps~115200bps(self-define)

Data bit:5、6、7、8             Stop bit:1、1.5、2

Parity bit:no、odd、couple

RS485 serial Interface(optional)

Interface number:2/4

Electric level:RS485

Operation mode:TCP/IP、client、UDP broadcast

Data rate:300bps~115200bps(self-define)

Data bit:5、6、7、8            Stop bit:1、2

Parity bit:no、odd、couple

System features

Data rate

Uplink/downlink 1.25Gbps

MAC address


Transmission distance

20km(1:32 split ratio)

Split ratio



Support IEEE 802.1Q(VLAN)

Support maximum 128 VLAN

Support IEEE 802.1ad(Q in Q)

Support VLAN transparent transition

Support VLAN translation

Support VLAN trunk

Layer-2 function

Store-and–forward mode,it supports layer-2 wire–speed forwarding

Maximum frame:1600 bytes

Support broadcasting storm control

Support port/flow mirroring function

Support rate-limiting of bi-direction interface

Data flow control

Support IEEE 802.3x(full duplex flow control)and back pressure flow control(half duplex)


Bandwidth increment is 64 kbit/s

Support fixed bandwidth/guaranteed bandwidth/maximal bandwidth,delay priority and etcSLA parameters


Support SCB(Single Copy Broadcast)

Support IGMP V1/V2

Support IGMP Snooping

Support 256 groups

Support multicast source port control

Support multicast authority control

Support the joining and fast-leave of IGMP members

Support static multicast

8M bytes large cache provides protection for burst flow of IPTV service

Management and maintenance

Support OLT centralized management based on OAM

Support alarm and capability statistic,flow inspection,loop-back test,remote power-fail inspection

Support Ethernet port loop-back test

Support ONU automatic configuration and batch configuration

Support ONU automatic and batch remote online upgrade for timing

Support monitoring function of remote Ethernet cable


Support AES-128,data encryption for both upstream and downstream

Support dynamic update of key


Support IEEE802.1p PRI and DSCP

Support service classification based on port,MAC address,IP address,TCP/UDP port number,ToS(Type of Service)/Diffserv

Support SP queue scheduling algorithms

Support 8 classes priority queuing for each port

Serial interface function

RS232 /RS485serial interface supports software flow control

Support DNS,meet the requirement of communication through domain name

Compatible SOCKET working mode(TCP Server,TCP Client,UDP,etc.),support virtual serial interface working mode

Serial configuration mode

Support Windows platform configuration software and configuration parameters

Independent TCP port configuration to support Super Terminal software and Telnet configuration

Electro magnetic compatibility

IEC61000-4-2(ESD):±8kV contact discharge,±15kV air discharge


IEC61000-4-4(EFT):power supply cord:±4kV;data cord:±2kV

IEC61000-4-5(Surge):power supply cord:±4kV CM/±2kV DM;data cord:±2kV

IEC61000-4-6(RF conduction):3V(10kHz~150kHz),10V(150kHz~80MHz)

IEC61000-4-8(Frequency magnetic field):100A/m cont.1000A/m,1s to 3s

IEC61000-4-12/18(Sasser):2.5kV CM,1kV DM

IEC61000-4-10(Damped oscillation):30A/m

IEC61000-4-16(Common-mode conducted):30V cont.300V,1s

FCC CFR47 Part 15/EN55022:Class A&B

IEC61000-6-2(General Industry Standard),IEC61850-3( substation),IEEE1613( substation)



Ordering information

Part Number



Standalone(industrial ONU,mini type),single PON interface,built-in AC220V power supply,PX20+,4FE+2/4RS232,80mm×134mm×139mm(Width×Depth×Height)


Standalone(industrial ONU,mini type),dual PON interfaces,built-in AC220V power supply,PX20+,4FE+2/4RS232, 80mm×134mm×139mm(Width×Depth×Height)


Standalone(industrial ONU,mini type),single PON interface,built-in AC220V power supply,PX20+,4FE, 80mm×134mm×139mm(Width×Depth×Height)


Standalone(industrial ONU,mini type),dual PON interfaces,built-in AC220V power supply,PX20+,4FE, 80mm×134mm×139mm(Width×Depth×Height)


Standalone(industrial ONU,mini type),single PON interface,built-in AC220V power supply,PX20+,4FE+2/4RS485,80mm×134mm×139mm(Width×Depth×Height)


Standalone(industrial ONU,mini type),dual PON interfaces,built-in AC220V power supply,PX20+,4FE+2/4RS485, 80mm×134mm×139mm(Width×Depth×Height)