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OTP5500-P is a PON aggregate and extension (PAE) device. It is located between OLT and optical splitter to deliver multiple PON lines over a single fiber cable and to extend the transmission distance up to 40Km. OTP5500-P supports dual power supply (AC220V or DC48V), master control card 1+1 protection, hop swappable service cards. In-band network management channel is available for remote central management. The powerful management system provides friendly user interface and supports rapid business provisioning for convenient device management and maintenance.



OTP5500-P-S                                   OTP5500-P-M                                       OTP5500-P-E



Ø Chassis Type: 19”1U and 19”2U chassis for indoor cabinet installation, outdoor waterproof type.  Provide 8:2 or 8:1 PON line aggregation, higher aggregation ratio cooperating with WDM card;

Ø Compatibility: Compatible with both GPON and EPON;

Ø Capacity: 4*GPON or 8*EPON over 1 OTU2;

Ø Encapsulation: Standard OTN optical line interfaces,  providing maximum 2 OTU2 line cards;

Ø Protectionoptical line protection, dual power supply,  master control card 1+1 protection;

Ø Reliabilityhot swappable for both service card and power card, card online status monitor, system startup self test, ultra-voltage detection, low-voltage detection;

Ø MaintenancePON 3R (Re-amplifying、Re-shaping、Re-timing) functions, hot swappable card