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OEO5200 is an active repeater for PON optical lines. Complied with IEEE802.3ah, OEO5200 amplifies PON signals in OEO mode and re-time the signals to realize 3R amplification. 

OEO5200 has compact structure and is easy for installation. OEO5200 has good compatibility with mainstream OLT/ONU. It is widely used in various types of XPON and FTTx applications to extend the PON coverage up to 50Km.




OEO5200-GP                                                                  OEO5200-EP



Ø Capacity: Support 2 GPON lines or 1 EPON line;

Ø Distance: Extend PON transmission distance up to 50KM;

Ø Flexibility:  Support series and parallel connections;

Ø Compatibility: Compatible with mainstream OLT and ONU